Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Banksy's New Shit.

New works from Banksy, i intro'd him to the blog a while ago if u dont know then look it up in older post, no time no patience. As always hit with something ferocious always with underlined statements. Classic style. He's an artist with an opinion (get a load of that) , but its never boring or repetitive. Just keeps hitting harder.


Sophia Bubbles!!!

Mark Ryden's latest piece to be unveiled at the The Snow Yak Exhibit (in Tokyo) opening this Feb. Lovely concept reminds me of that character in "Zack & Miri make a porno"(the stripper chick who cud make bubbles come out of her woohaa of course). I think his works sarcastically hilarious, & not to mention his skills are stellar atop it all. Oh & did i mention this piece is goin for a cool 800k, but thats lite cheese.
Check out some others he's done here.


Johnnny Cupcakes' [Bake Sale]

Johnny' s got boucoup shirts on sale ... some old some new, either way they're all dirt cheap.

see watchu like, feed some kids: click


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Samantha Clarke.

a canvas painter reminiscent of myself. i came across her work and it was like wrapping myself in a warm blanket, nestled by a space heater after returning home from a blizzard matching that of '95. the abstract content is so explanatory and on. Before i even read her commentary i had already pieced together the fact that her paintings were memories or reflections of life, it actually reads that well. The art has an antique vibe which seems to tell a story all on its own, done on old book covers or aged paper. The whole effect is deep and her relationship to her work is marvelously fascinating, i hungrily appreciate her contribution to society and blood lust for more like it. My first impression seemed as if she was hinting for me to pick up a brush and return to my craft... its a thought.
Most sites were real stingy when it came to trying to download some other pieces i admired but heres the link so u can check her out... enjoy!

Samantha Clarke.
you can read the rest of her bio and get better acquainted with her work there.


Monday, December 8, 2008

so i've heard.

i sat. i downloaded. & i listened, kanyes album is one of my favorites. phenomenal, no bullshit. buy yours i'll think about buying mine.
thats the end of the post.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mini Celeb!!!

so like i have said in the past (repeatedly mind you, lol) i have a plethora of talents [modestly speaking of course] and as it just so happens i got a small big up on an online magazine [Female Sneaker Fiends]. I just wanted to share this with the world because my moms so excited. (lol) Plus i want to send a special thanks to Janine Simon who actually thought i was interesting enough to want to write about, thanks babes!!! Oh & lest i forget, thanks RIP for my name being the first to come to mind when you thought of [wicked chicks with talent]... & as always my favorite girls ABC family!!!

get a load of me..
FSF: Fiends w/ Talent featuring Boombox Barbie.

just in case you're illiterate, im the one with the curly golden hair and the penny3z on my feet.


Monday, November 17, 2008


she's alot of things but did you know she had a foot in the fashion door. i may not wear shit str8 off a runway in Paris or Milan but i damn sure do enjoy the magic and appreciate the eye candy that happens ever year at their fashion weeks... & a lil birdie hit me off with a tip on a couple spring 09 trends. [Mostly outfits i will re-create with an aDOT flair] but this will fire starts a piece i would like to call "international express" .

Starting with my first fav the Mullet Dress:

an asymmetric long/short traily gown.
not expected to really hit big, but i tell one thing the rocker style tool dress
definitely wiil be
gettn made into a custom for myself... pls. no bitters.

[Milan] revealed their take on spring as one of glamor, sophistication & femininity:
Not only dresses but trenches & short coats saturated with
stones, crystals, big paillets or studs.
personally not on your fuckn life will i be caught dead in anything "Bejeweled".
its like a christmas gift from your mother's boss, should've come with a receipt.
No one has any business wearing shit that can be designed after spending
30 or 40 bucks @ toys-r-us. point blank.

the color brigade:
infusing three or four non matching colors but complimentary none the less
accompanied by clean cuts and shapes.
timeless classics in this day & age.
one in which i can relate and will cont.

&Lastly our sleepless city:
frills & ruffles all around. tiers and constructed pieces almost
seeming like architecture.
Cute. i dont particularly love it but i appreciate it.
only thing that comes to mind is Rami from Season 4
& Leann from Season 5 [Project Runway no doubt]
the king and queen of tiered ruffles pieces.

a few other trends to look for next spring, the pencil skirt strikes back but this time with a leather vengeance. & two colors trends to stay alert for will be pink everything from blush to fuchsia. & a polished black, A strong sophisticated statement made with displaying a high class with a underlining sexiness.
that does it for International Express fashion edition
[that sounds important and newsy rite?!? lmao. ]


Jada in a NY Moment.

im flooding the market with video clips but thats what im diggin as of now... im doin a lot of "os" & you "tubin" so that's an artists perogitive. I say that to say this a long while ago a GHOST put me on to a new JadaKiss song [Who Run This] i dug it of course same o Jada, fierce flow and a menace with lyrics [nothing you hot 97 power 105 ass niggas know shit about]. but it wasnt until recently i saw the video and boy was the cinematography dope. i mean it looks rugged like scenes from "the corner" or something. his names Rik Cordero, the director that is & im not familiar with him but i will definitely be tuned into his work.

sneak a peek.

"& My Back Hurts, I got New York On it"
oh god hes so sick, look for his new album [The Last Kiss] sometime around December.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

She's Such A Problem!!!

a hundred things i wanted to write about but one thing remained on a constant loop in my mind. Beyonce & that Single ladies video, jesus christ, maybe some familiar moves but she looks fierce from the top to the bottom in 3inches no less built like a brick house. u be the judge.

... i'd put a ring on it!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


with 349 electoral & 52 percent of the popular votes he takes the presidency by a landslide, not only making history as the first African American President but surprising taking home some historically known "RED" states (Florida & Ohio namely). The first democrat in history to receive more than 50percent of the popular vote. This solely rests on the shoulders of our youth, first time voters, Blacks & Hispanics who really turned it up this year, listening to America screaming for a repaired country. & it is because what we did on November 4th, 2008 that CHANGE can come to America. I can say nothing more than I'm proud we pulled together and made a difference, first time i have ever felt a part of something bigger than myself. I feel more than blessed to have witnessed such a historically moment & ecstatic that we stood united and BARACKD the vote. =))
& as i have been reading everywhere this precious little quote...
"They wouldn't gives us our 40 acres & a mule, so we took 50 states & the white house."
[Barack Obama Americas 44th President]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Illustrated Mind.

surfing. came across another gr8 artist i dig, Carl. just like that. Carl is a swedish illustrator that has been awarded with "Kolla" – the Swedish national price of drawing. He has a Masters degree in illustration and graphic design from Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, and is also present in the archive of The Drawing Center in New York. Carl lives in Paris. (i stole that from the site lol, but it sums shit up pretty well so fuck it)
his shit is abstractly stimulating. i feel it maybe you will ...
heres a couple illustrations:

to check out some other creations by Carl hit up his site...


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nite @ The Yume [SPIT THAT]

to say that i merely enjoyed my nite at the YUME is simply an understatement. The creative energy in that room was enough to keep a steady blaze on the west coast or at least spark a few forest fires. Some of my old favorite personal celebs showed they're faces (namely Ainsley Burrows) and everyone m.i.a stuntd... better catch next week, cuz it think i have abso no choice. RIP got another golden child under his arms, jealous yes i am =) . Expect to see me there a couple more thursdays i got a hunger for more... i curtsy to you Mr. Lewis!!! couple flicks of the social settings ... pay close attn. to the background the art work is no less than impecable thumbs up to Mike Yume, i think thats wat i'll call him!!!

until nex time.


Ill P Wed. Recap but not the Finale

So yeah Ill P Wednesday featuring yours truly [ABC] rockd ... we wanna thanks everyone who came out to show love it was a stellar experience starting with the open bar at midnight... pics coming soon... just wantd to thro that lil plug in there but an in depth post about the Ladies of the New School Party nite soon come!!!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Claw Money Aviators

something i stumbled upon while searching for good good new stuff. the graff artist claw money has sported her talents by way of a series of aviator frames. a new twist on an old tale. enjoy!!!

in case you like & wanna see more:


Something You Need 2 Hear!

Something that has seriously been moving me in a strange yet erotic like way, has been the 2 latest leaks from Kanye West's album [808's & Heartbreak] with a November 25th release date . The tone is captivating and it explores a sublimely eclectic and artistic side of him. I can truly appreciate this coming from him. In the past Kanye has merely been a guilty pleasure of mine never really saying anything of worth or substance. But never the less he does it in a humorous and entertaining way. While i think highly of his new poetic style hes been getting a lot of slack for it, it would behoove anyone to try to impose depth and diversity upon simple minded americans pardon my back. I gracefully bow to and applaud Mr. West for his contribution to art. I assume the loss of a mother and girlfriend would rearrange a non prioritized mind. While I couldnt find the imeem rip of "Coldest Winter" listed below is a snippet of "Heartless" just to get your feet wet. Be sure to download both. Following the success of "Love Lockdown" i believe these two are relateable and speak to anyones soul. Its like magic.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

after being "Put On" ( imagine that) to a phenomenal artist it only took him one day to re introduce himself into my world. While browsing my world wide web (not searching for him at all) i came across the very piece Mr. Lewis and I bantered about yesterday along with couple of others. The artist is Banksy he creates massive wall murals scattered around the city with clever underlining insiders, and quite frankly i now have a favorite artist. wow thanks!!! Oh and get this he's recently opened a pet store...check out the site -> pet shop

peep game...


Entertainment Tonight

short entertainment report...

1st- yes Aubrey O'Day & D.Woods are longer members of Danity Kane. i Dont a feel a way either way. They were already on a downward slider... They deserve solo careers, ehh, maybe not!!!

2nd- Fab & Jeezy were headed to the door after ordering a slew of bottles (of which none were poppd) @ Guest House the other night for trying spark the La after the waitress had already advised them against it. I know that whole strip of clubs in that area are ghetto but damn ...

3rd- Season finales that abso rockd Project Runway & Rachel Zoe Project, if you didnt see either your direct tv shudda been taping both, snooze yah loose im not spilling beans catch the reruns. Its funny to me how Bravo was once a station i would have never watched, no one for that matter, & now they have the toughest line up on the Love Machine.

Lastly- Movie line up (Of intrest) for this wknd are as follow
What Just Happened ... [Robert de niro, Bruce Willis, Sean Penn]
Max Payne ... [Mark Wahlberg, Ludacris]
Rock n Rolla ... [Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, Mark Strong, Idris Elba]
W. ...[Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Banks, Thandie Newton, Richard Dreyfuss]
Sex Drive [James Mardesn, Seth Green, Josh Zuckerman, Clarke Duke]
i will have surely seen at least oneefore the clock strikes 12 on monday morn. & i will race to the comp. post my critical reviews.


Is Left Eye more Gangster than Bad Boy???

Apparently, according to KTU's music selection. I generally don't allow myself to listen to KTU just because it tends to make me upset and today is no exception. While at work about to slit my wrists, I got kinda sorta excited when one of all time favorite TLC songs comes on the radio, "Waterfalls". I don't know about you but I can listen to "Crazy, Sexy, Cool" over and over again. So I'm jamming at my desk and really about to tear it down when they cut off Left Eyes verse!!! WTF!! Is this verse too "GANGSTA" to be played on KTU??? I just don't get it. I mean Left Eye was cool rapper her rhymes were tight but honestly this verse was a step up from bubble gum rap.. I was fuming I just could not understand what KTU's problem was and just as I was about write this blog I hear "More Money More Problems", and I'm thinking to myself 'hold up' here we have a song FT. Diddy, Mase, and the Remarkable B.I.G(R.I.P) so maybe they'll only play Diddy's and Mase's verse (no offense but they are not really all that gangster), but not BIG's.. I sat and waited and sure enough I hear "B.I.G., P-O, P-P-A" and I'm completely floored.. Is KTU trying to tell us something? I know they are not doubting BIG's "Gangsta"!!! So I sat and thought about it, and it came to me Left Eye was a different type of "Gangsta", I guess burning down your fiances crib gives crazy points with KTU.. Even after death they dont wanna piss her off.

R.I.P Lisa Left Eye Lopez (u still got these white boys scurred)


Family Ties...

I had a list of topics i made yesterday eager to discuss this morning...
but none of which are greater than expressing the ecstatic feeling i have about how i spent my yesterday. It started with a regular day of work... yadda yadda ya.... I ventured out & caught up with one of the best. Since unfortunately i wasnt able to catch his open mic ("SPIT THAT") thursday nite i think our entire day of conversation, music and poetry should suffice. Making that train ride back to harlem an easier pill to swallow. to the public he's better known as RIP the Ruler, but to me he's Jaime my oldest boy. We spoke on all the recent events that have empowered yet devestated our lives realizing that we are two minds that are intellectually standing on the same cliff, we groped all facits politics, media, careers, hustle, relationships, creative talent you name it. No stone left unturned, theres nothing more refreshing to me than a tall glass of combative & meaningful dialogue. A blood lust I have sought after for quite some time. A trip down memory lane (art&design h.s. holllaa!!!) found us at the the mouth of the trainstation, where we parted ways with an agreement to stay connected and a pledged allegiance to the planetarium. Mind bending days like those keep me sane and grounded. Only thing missing was a cold flute of riesling, guacamole & tostitos.
With that sed make sure to show major love to my boy, the omnipitant [ RIP ] at his weekly spoken word/poetry (whichever tickles ur intrest) slam every thursday nite at the YUME in BROOKLYN. Surely you'll find me there & who knows maybe one day I will be ballsy enough to get up and drop something....hmmm... never know!!!
Peep the flyer below for info...


Friday, October 17, 2008

A "Ladies of the New School" Wednesday.

October 22,2008 ... the alphabetical order commences...

the long awaited coming out party has finally reared its head ...the ladies of ABC will be in cahoots wit the insatiable ILL P... hosting a "Big Upz" party for all the ladies doin theyre thug thizzile... along side crazy lady spinners and guests performances, this will definitely be a "SHE THING". You'll catch Moi,Myss & Hov there in all our flair ... lets see your face too!!!

october 22, 2008
@the Delancy ... 168 Delancy in the L.E.S.
$3.00 RSVP / $5.00 @ the door
Open Bar @ Midnight
Fotos by our favorite Photography CEE.

Be there or be square...


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fallin' off the Grey's Bandwagon...

Sitting on my couch half listening to Grey's Anatomy has me kinda sorta peeved. Not that I was never a Grey's Fanatic (secretly wishing McDreamy would take my pulse) but I just feel the longer this show is on the air the more soap opera-y its become. Don't get me wrong my girls would be the first to tell you that I enjoy a juicy story, but Grey's just seems to be trying a tad too hard. I work in the medical field, in a large hospital at that, and while there is your in office scandals(Doctor's and Secretary's
getting it on) I have not met an entire clinical team who has the time, patience, or stamina to sleep with one another!! This concept has been done over and over again. You would think these producers may switch it up just a lil bit.

We have the:

Mousy, Shy Un-Confident lead actress
(Reminds me of Ally McBeal)

Sexy, Scared of Commitment, Ready to Commit, Scared Again Leading Man(How many of those are on Prime Time TV??)

No Hair on Her Tongue BFF.

Bad Boy Gone Good that doesn't want anyone to find out.

Feels like "California Dreams" all over again (hopefully I'm not so old that I'm the only person who remembers "surf dudes with attitudes" lol.)

While tonights show comes to an end I pray the writers come up with something with more originality.

Until next time

Urs Truly,
Myss Alphabette

& the winner is...

if McCain makes anymore of a fool of himself he might as well throw in the towel. He choked last nite, bottom line. Obama just sat there and ate all of his cheap shots and low blows with out even raising more than eyebrow... while watching it i was constantly doubling over with laughter at how McCain looked like Dr. Evil (sooo stiff) and sat patiently waiting for that dummy Sarah Palin to jump on his lap like mini me and crawl across the table trying to snap at Barack... (wiping the tears from my eyes) Notice how he never directly answered any questions and spent the entire hour and a half in attack mode, signs of a defeated man. I think we might just have this one in the bag... never know tho, we're fuckn with the biggest thugs of them all ... the REPUBLICANS & they play dirty, so expect anything !!! So pls. lets rock the fuck outta this vote!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

lets try this again... "CHANGE"

k, we gunna try this one more time ... havent posted in ages cuz truthfully i got tite at my cpu one day while writing the blog of all time lol, and needed a sabbatical. But anywhoo, how about that democratic campaign last nite, is anyone feeling "CHANGE" as much as i am??? Hmmm... i know that geriatric fuck John McCain was sitting at home sweatin, hiding under something... [sidebar] my cousin Joseph Kyles was there in Jesse Jackson's Camp... Obama's like a rockstar, did u see the crowd going crazy, i felt like i was watching a throwback Michael Jackson concert!!! i dont think this many young ppl have ever been so interested in the Presidential Election EVER, im so excited !!!! Just a reminder, if you haven't registered by now, make that happen cuz we need to re write the history books... im ready cuz eight is enough ... "YES WE CAN".

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the great debate.

So, over this last week the big discussion, right up there with rap, religion & politics has been whether or not to make this iphone [3g] switch. i am an avid believer in my sk lx so my persuasion is one to really master. So this subject took heavy consideration, research and a brief synopsis by Steve Jobs (look him up). & apparently the big whoop about the iphone [3g] is that is coming with a whole bunch a new apps, gps, faster browsing times, outstanding battery life, sold in more countries and more importantly is making a leaping price drop from $399 to $199 for the 8gb. Not to mention, the 16gb will also be sold in white. The make is basically the same with the new addition including an all plastic body & a flush headphone jack, which simply means you can plug in any set of headphones into it. Ehhhh, sounds good... lemme hear what the first set of beast mode feinds have to say about it, then as a follow up i will be checking to see the ratings and such. My final decision will be made within the next month or two. With the HTC "Diamond" clicking on its heels I'm not to sure if it will be purchased but u never know... i could possibly be biggin that up in a couple weeks or so (cuz im one of those thirst buckets) ... so stay tuned for the July 11 release date... i just hope your gunna get yours unlocked cuz them at&t/cingular plans are gunna be murder. lmao, deadass tho. you be the judge then put me on.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Kick Off ...

the brand new grit of sum street corner shit.
The infamous Party Princess alongside the insatiable Boombox Barbiie welcome you, the ppl , into the minds of two of the most intellectually, socially, politically & culturally inclined this side of the universe. This blog will be chuck full of celeb gossip, the who's who & what's what of all genres of entertainment , random info, fashion updates, guides to life & whatever else the spirit moves us to big up, decipher, pick apart or send all praise to. This being the first post is a simple gesture sayin "hey" with a brief introduction and a bit of music to soothe the soul. So with that being said , we bid you ado & kindly beg you to sit by your cpu's and eagerly await the forthcoming of each and every post. =)
♥ the [tp] twins.