Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mini Celeb!!!

so like i have said in the past (repeatedly mind you, lol) i have a plethora of talents [modestly speaking of course] and as it just so happens i got a small big up on an online magazine [Female Sneaker Fiends]. I just wanted to share this with the world because my moms so excited. (lol) Plus i want to send a special thanks to Janine Simon who actually thought i was interesting enough to want to write about, thanks babes!!! Oh & lest i forget, thanks RIP for my name being the first to come to mind when you thought of [wicked chicks with talent]... & as always my favorite girls ABC family!!!

get a load of me..
FSF: Fiends w/ Talent featuring Boombox Barbie.

just in case you're illiterate, im the one with the curly golden hair and the penny3z on my feet.


Monday, November 17, 2008


she's alot of things but did you know she had a foot in the fashion door. i may not wear shit str8 off a runway in Paris or Milan but i damn sure do enjoy the magic and appreciate the eye candy that happens ever year at their fashion weeks... & a lil birdie hit me off with a tip on a couple spring 09 trends. [Mostly outfits i will re-create with an aDOT flair] but this will fire starts a piece i would like to call "international express" .

Starting with my first fav the Mullet Dress:

an asymmetric long/short traily gown.
not expected to really hit big, but i tell one thing the rocker style tool dress
definitely wiil be
gettn made into a custom for myself... pls. no bitters.

[Milan] revealed their take on spring as one of glamor, sophistication & femininity:
Not only dresses but trenches & short coats saturated with
stones, crystals, big paillets or studs.
personally not on your fuckn life will i be caught dead in anything "Bejeweled".
its like a christmas gift from your mother's boss, should've come with a receipt.
No one has any business wearing shit that can be designed after spending
30 or 40 bucks @ toys-r-us. point blank.

the color brigade:
infusing three or four non matching colors but complimentary none the less
accompanied by clean cuts and shapes.
timeless classics in this day & age.
one in which i can relate and will cont.

&Lastly our sleepless city:
frills & ruffles all around. tiers and constructed pieces almost
seeming like architecture.
Cute. i dont particularly love it but i appreciate it.
only thing that comes to mind is Rami from Season 4
& Leann from Season 5 [Project Runway no doubt]
the king and queen of tiered ruffles pieces.

a few other trends to look for next spring, the pencil skirt strikes back but this time with a leather vengeance. & two colors trends to stay alert for will be pink everything from blush to fuchsia. & a polished black, A strong sophisticated statement made with displaying a high class with a underlining sexiness.
that does it for International Express fashion edition
[that sounds important and newsy rite?!? lmao. ]


Jada in a NY Moment.

im flooding the market with video clips but thats what im diggin as of now... im doin a lot of "os" & you "tubin" so that's an artists perogitive. I say that to say this a long while ago a GHOST put me on to a new JadaKiss song [Who Run This] i dug it of course same o Jada, fierce flow and a menace with lyrics [nothing you hot 97 power 105 ass niggas know shit about]. but it wasnt until recently i saw the video and boy was the cinematography dope. i mean it looks rugged like scenes from "the corner" or something. his names Rik Cordero, the director that is & im not familiar with him but i will definitely be tuned into his work.

sneak a peek.

"& My Back Hurts, I got New York On it"
oh god hes so sick, look for his new album [The Last Kiss] sometime around December.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

She's Such A Problem!!!

a hundred things i wanted to write about but one thing remained on a constant loop in my mind. Beyonce & that Single ladies video, jesus christ, maybe some familiar moves but she looks fierce from the top to the bottom in 3inches no less built like a brick house. u be the judge.

... i'd put a ring on it!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


with 349 electoral & 52 percent of the popular votes he takes the presidency by a landslide, not only making history as the first African American President but surprising taking home some historically known "RED" states (Florida & Ohio namely). The first democrat in history to receive more than 50percent of the popular vote. This solely rests on the shoulders of our youth, first time voters, Blacks & Hispanics who really turned it up this year, listening to America screaming for a repaired country. & it is because what we did on November 4th, 2008 that CHANGE can come to America. I can say nothing more than I'm proud we pulled together and made a difference, first time i have ever felt a part of something bigger than myself. I feel more than blessed to have witnessed such a historically moment & ecstatic that we stood united and BARACKD the vote. =))
& as i have been reading everywhere this precious little quote...
"They wouldn't gives us our 40 acres & a mule, so we took 50 states & the white house."
[Barack Obama Americas 44th President]