Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the great debate.

So, over this last week the big discussion, right up there with rap, religion & politics has been whether or not to make this iphone [3g] switch. i am an avid believer in my sk lx so my persuasion is one to really master. So this subject took heavy consideration, research and a brief synopsis by Steve Jobs (look him up). & apparently the big whoop about the iphone [3g] is that is coming with a whole bunch a new apps, gps, faster browsing times, outstanding battery life, sold in more countries and more importantly is making a leaping price drop from $399 to $199 for the 8gb. Not to mention, the 16gb will also be sold in white. The make is basically the same with the new addition including an all plastic body & a flush headphone jack, which simply means you can plug in any set of headphones into it. Ehhhh, sounds good... lemme hear what the first set of beast mode feinds have to say about it, then as a follow up i will be checking phonescoop.com to see the ratings and such. My final decision will be made within the next month or two. With the HTC "Diamond" clicking on its heels I'm not to sure if it will be purchased but u never know... i could possibly be biggin that up in a couple weeks or so (cuz im one of those thirst buckets) ... so stay tuned for the July 11 release date... i just hope your gunna get yours unlocked cuz them at&t/cingular plans are gunna be murder. lmao, deadass tho. you be the judge then put me on.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Kick Off ...

the brand new grit of sum street corner shit.
The infamous Party Princess alongside the insatiable Boombox Barbiie welcome you, the ppl , into the minds of two of the most intellectually, socially, politically & culturally inclined this side of the universe. This blog will be chuck full of celeb gossip, the who's who & what's what of all genres of entertainment , random info, fashion updates, guides to life & whatever else the spirit moves us to big up, decipher, pick apart or send all praise to. This being the first post is a simple gesture sayin "hey" with a brief introduction and a bit of music to soothe the soul. So with that being said , we bid you ado & kindly beg you to sit by your cpu's and eagerly await the forthcoming of each and every post. =)
♥ the [tp] twins.