Friday, January 2, 2009

Spin That Record Baby!!!

It takes a while, im a rolling stone. i think that should cover another one of my brief absences, yet again... i need guidance and someone to help keep me focused. Now that i have made my apologies, begins the bloggn.
I may be late but fuck it thats life, after all of Lil' Kims facial work, jail time, mixed in with her not being able to drop a hit, i thought i'd never idolize another female entertainer (i know youre thinkn "but what about beyonce?" i dont idolize her i worship and adore her, she is sexless to me just a greater being that all praise be to.) but just like that here walks in sum lil skinny mini girl saying everything i want to hear. an artist by the name of Lady Gaga, do a lil research on her shes severly talented. ghost writing for some time for big names at that she finally submerged to create her own techno electronic sound. This is all by the time she was 22 y/o mind you. With a fiercely "I am whoever the fuck i want to be" dress style and a killer swag i never would have guessed it but she embodies my ideals as far as the party circuit, the recreation of individuality & the rawness of "i dont give a fuckness". With already popular hits like "Just Dance" & "Poker Face" shes proved to be edgy and free spirited and is in my opinion birthing the coolness of the techno sound that has begun capturing urban population. I love her and think you should definitely check out her rap sheet.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Banksy's New Shit.

New works from Banksy, i intro'd him to the blog a while ago if u dont know then look it up in older post, no time no patience. As always hit with something ferocious always with underlined statements. Classic style. He's an artist with an opinion (get a load of that) , but its never boring or repetitive. Just keeps hitting harder.


Sophia Bubbles!!!

Mark Ryden's latest piece to be unveiled at the The Snow Yak Exhibit (in Tokyo) opening this Feb. Lovely concept reminds me of that character in "Zack & Miri make a porno"(the stripper chick who cud make bubbles come out of her woohaa of course). I think his works sarcastically hilarious, & not to mention his skills are stellar atop it all. Oh & did i mention this piece is goin for a cool 800k, but thats lite cheese.
Check out some others he's done here.


Johnnny Cupcakes' [Bake Sale]

Johnny' s got boucoup shirts on sale ... some old some new, either way they're all dirt cheap.

see watchu like, feed some kids: click


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Samantha Clarke.

a canvas painter reminiscent of myself. i came across her work and it was like wrapping myself in a warm blanket, nestled by a space heater after returning home from a blizzard matching that of '95. the abstract content is so explanatory and on. Before i even read her commentary i had already pieced together the fact that her paintings were memories or reflections of life, it actually reads that well. The art has an antique vibe which seems to tell a story all on its own, done on old book covers or aged paper. The whole effect is deep and her relationship to her work is marvelously fascinating, i hungrily appreciate her contribution to society and blood lust for more like it. My first impression seemed as if she was hinting for me to pick up a brush and return to my craft... its a thought.
Most sites were real stingy when it came to trying to download some other pieces i admired but heres the link so u can check her out... enjoy!

Samantha Clarke.
you can read the rest of her bio and get better acquainted with her work there.


Monday, December 8, 2008

so i've heard.

i sat. i downloaded. & i listened, kanyes album is one of my favorites. phenomenal, no bullshit. buy yours i'll think about buying mine.
thats the end of the post.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mini Celeb!!!

so like i have said in the past (repeatedly mind you, lol) i have a plethora of talents [modestly speaking of course] and as it just so happens i got a small big up on an online magazine [Female Sneaker Fiends]. I just wanted to share this with the world because my moms so excited. (lol) Plus i want to send a special thanks to Janine Simon who actually thought i was interesting enough to want to write about, thanks babes!!! Oh & lest i forget, thanks RIP for my name being the first to come to mind when you thought of [wicked chicks with talent]... & as always my favorite girls ABC family!!!

get a load of me..
FSF: Fiends w/ Talent featuring Boombox Barbie.

just in case you're illiterate, im the one with the curly golden hair and the penny3z on my feet.