Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Samantha Clarke.

a canvas painter reminiscent of myself. i came across her work and it was like wrapping myself in a warm blanket, nestled by a space heater after returning home from a blizzard matching that of '95. the abstract content is so explanatory and on. Before i even read her commentary i had already pieced together the fact that her paintings were memories or reflections of life, it actually reads that well. The art has an antique vibe which seems to tell a story all on its own, done on old book covers or aged paper. The whole effect is deep and her relationship to her work is marvelously fascinating, i hungrily appreciate her contribution to society and blood lust for more like it. My first impression seemed as if she was hinting for me to pick up a brush and return to my craft... its a thought.
Most sites were real stingy when it came to trying to download some other pieces i admired but heres the link so u can check her out... enjoy!

Samantha Clarke.
you can read the rest of her bio and get better acquainted with her work there.