Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mini Celeb!!!

so like i have said in the past (repeatedly mind you, lol) i have a plethora of talents [modestly speaking of course] and as it just so happens i got a small big up on an online magazine [Female Sneaker Fiends]. I just wanted to share this with the world because my moms so excited. (lol) Plus i want to send a special thanks to Janine Simon who actually thought i was interesting enough to want to write about, thanks babes!!! Oh & lest i forget, thanks RIP for my name being the first to come to mind when you thought of [wicked chicks with talent]... & as always my favorite girls ABC family!!!

get a load of me..
FSF: Fiends w/ Talent featuring Boombox Barbie.

just in case you're illiterate, im the one with the curly golden hair and the penny3z on my feet.



Mark Mc said...

hey i think its great that u are doing your thing, i really admire that, and i would love 2 see more pics of u wit some fresh kicks on! hit me up if u wana chat, i am interested in doing some graphic design work, shoe photography, i am a sneaker collector myself. If u are interested hit me up on facebook