Friday, January 2, 2009

Spin That Record Baby!!!

It takes a while, im a rolling stone. i think that should cover another one of my brief absences, yet again... i need guidance and someone to help keep me focused. Now that i have made my apologies, begins the bloggn.
I may be late but fuck it thats life, after all of Lil' Kims facial work, jail time, mixed in with her not being able to drop a hit, i thought i'd never idolize another female entertainer (i know youre thinkn "but what about beyonce?" i dont idolize her i worship and adore her, she is sexless to me just a greater being that all praise be to.) but just like that here walks in sum lil skinny mini girl saying everything i want to hear. an artist by the name of Lady Gaga, do a lil research on her shes severly talented. ghost writing for some time for big names at that she finally submerged to create her own techno electronic sound. This is all by the time she was 22 y/o mind you. With a fiercely "I am whoever the fuck i want to be" dress style and a killer swag i never would have guessed it but she embodies my ideals as far as the party circuit, the recreation of individuality & the rawness of "i dont give a fuckness". With already popular hits like "Just Dance" & "Poker Face" shes proved to be edgy and free spirited and is in my opinion birthing the coolness of the techno sound that has begun capturing urban population. I love her and think you should definitely check out her rap sheet.