Friday, August 29, 2008

lets try this again... "CHANGE"

k, we gunna try this one more time ... havent posted in ages cuz truthfully i got tite at my cpu one day while writing the blog of all time lol, and needed a sabbatical. But anywhoo, how about that democratic campaign last nite, is anyone feeling "CHANGE" as much as i am??? Hmmm... i know that geriatric fuck John McCain was sitting at home sweatin, hiding under something... [sidebar] my cousin Joseph Kyles was there in Jesse Jackson's Camp... Obama's like a rockstar, did u see the crowd going crazy, i felt like i was watching a throwback Michael Jackson concert!!! i dont think this many young ppl have ever been so interested in the Presidential Election EVER, im so excited !!!! Just a reminder, if you haven't registered by now, make that happen cuz we need to re write the history books... im ready cuz eight is enough ... "YES WE CAN".